Our Issue One artist, Uruguayan born Alexandro Garcia, has an interesting story. He was making a living as a gardener and had never studied art, until he had a UFO sighting which changed his life. After that he started to paint and draw these meticulous, surreal and beautiful scenes. Having worked with him in the past, we are on his mailing list and regularly receive his research and monologue on the supernatural and outerspace. He is definitely an artist who lives his work, and we love it.

Artist Interview: Casey Jex Smith

We featured Casey’s work in our very first issue. Here we gave him some prompts in bold and he let us know a little more about himself.

Current Living: I currently live at my Monther in Law’s house in Fostoria Ohio with my wife Amanda and 1 year old daughter Gemma.
Born: I was born in Detroit but raised in Salt Lake City
Education: MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute and BFA in Painting from Brigham Young University
Age: 34


I always… loved pizza.
I grew up… with an older brother who was a great artist. I copied everything he did.
As a child… I always did drawings of boom boxes, sneakers, and guns.
My family… mostly lives in Utah.
My parents.. got divorced when I was four. They never said a negative thing about each other to my brother and I.
My father… was in the field of Industrial Organizational Behavior and made tests. He lived to go fishing.
My mother… is a high school art teacher but rarely makes art now. She is becoming a master fermenter of foods.
High school… was awesome. I took a lot of art classes, had a great group of friends, and went camping often in the Uintah Mountains and in Southern Utah.
In junior high… I wanted to be on the basketball and volleyball teams but wasn’t quite good enough. I think that really helped my art.


I’ve always wondered… how M. Night Shyamalan’s movies could have gotten so bad.
I do not know… why there aren’t more political moderates.
I wish I knew… if I should buy GM or Ford stock.
Routine is… completely necessary for my happiness and mental well-being.
Everyday I like… to read some scriptures and work out. I wish I had a membership to the YMCA here, but it’s too expensive. We have a treadmill but no weights.
My work… represents a search for modern masculinity. Who should I be?
I choose to work in my medium because… it is immediate, intimate, and feels less intimidating than approaching a white canvas.
I currently live… in Fostoria Ohio. It is referred to as Fo-town or Fo-troit because it has been hit hard by unemployment in manufacturing. Fostoria used to be known for making glass. It’s very sad. But it has given my wife and I the opportunity to get some very cheap studio space.
I wish I could… live in NYC. 
My favorite… iPod game is Dungeon Raid.
I love… pizza, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, soda, and fries.
On a rainy day… I like to read a scary book. It’s been raining a lot lately so I have been reading “The Bog”. It has some great cover art.
Everybody loves… my wife’s art. It’s the prettiest art that exists today.
I am a big believer in… putting your all into something.
I couldn’t live without… my wife and baby.
A little known secret about me… is that I love to dance. I am not very good at it though so I only dance for my wife in secret places. It shrinks her libido.
I like to pretend… I am a relevant artist.
My parents… were very unselfish, and I hope I can do the same for my family.


Someday… I want to provide good health insurance for my family and buy a home.
The future… looks a little grim right now but that’s okay.
My next step is… to make another body of work, get someone to believe that it will make a good show, and land a full-time teaching position.