How great are these perceptual studies by Toronto-based artist Isabel M. Martinez. Spending her formative years in Santiago, Chile, Martinez’s work takes apart experience, time, perception and emotion in these simple yet mesmerizing photographs. Each piece is done using analog medium format film, multiple exposures, and in-camera masks to achieve the striped pattern, which at times renders the illusion of a three dimensional collage.


Brooklyn-based fiber artist Emily Barletta has us looking twice at her organically inspired pieces. At first glance we thought they were mere drawings, but each delicate line is actually thread, which makes us love it twice as much. Her careful use of color and composition weave textures that feel natural and inspiring - now if we could only see it in person!


From her series “Mimicry”, Netherlands-based artist Ilse Leenders creates these carefully composed, colorful pieces that feel perfectly spring-like to us. Speaking to the idea of individuality and identity in contemporary society, “Mimicry” presents humans as faceless animals, adapting to their environments. Check out her website for a variety of other great projects.