Artist Interview: Nancy Aguilar

We featured the work of Nancy Aguilar on the title spread of our second issue. We recently sent her some prompts (in bold) and she told us a little about herself.

Current Living: Monterrey, Mexico
Born: in ‘86
Education: BFA in photography from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
Age: 25

I grew up… eating animal crackers with my grandparents.
As a child, I wanted to be… a physicist.
My childhood was… filled with eating homemade pizza, chickens running in the backyard and listening to madonna on roadtrips.
My father… traveled.
My mother… could never tame my hair.
My family… has always been close.
Highschool was… a blur.
College was… about falling in love with art. and loads of snow.
I never saw myself… studying art.

Right now… I am the happiest.
My favorite pastime is making ice cream.
Routine is… sometimes a nice thing.
My work represents… myself.
Working… makes me happy.
I choose to work in my medium because… it allows me to show exactly what I see.
I feel at home… with my family.
I currently live… back at home.
I wish… I could eat jamon serrano every day.
On a rainy day… I feel most inspired.
I couldn’t live without… my computer.
I like to pretend I know what I’m doing.
My father… travels quite a lot.
My mother… is a chemist.

Someday I hope… to take polaroids again.
I’d like to be… a bit more involved in the art community in Mexico.
My next step is… to finally edit my photographs from 2011.

Where are you from originally? Does your nationality play a role in your work?
I have lived in Mexico for a great part of my life, but living abroad for 6 years influenced my work. Photography was a way for me to find a place to belong.

Do you have a day-job outside of your art practice? If so, what is? 
I am lucky enough to have a job that I adore as a freelance photo-retoucher. Doing this allows me to wake up late and stay in my pajamas, and I hope to keep doing this for as long as I can :)

This is Nancy:

Artist Interview: Casey Jex Smith

We featured Casey’s work in our very first issue. Here we gave him some prompts in bold and he let us know a little more about himself.

Current Living: I currently live at my Monther in Law’s house in Fostoria Ohio with my wife Amanda and 1 year old daughter Gemma.
Born: I was born in Detroit but raised in Salt Lake City
Education: MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute and BFA in Painting from Brigham Young University
Age: 34


I always… loved pizza.
I grew up… with an older brother who was a great artist. I copied everything he did.
As a child… I always did drawings of boom boxes, sneakers, and guns.
My family… mostly lives in Utah.
My parents.. got divorced when I was four. They never said a negative thing about each other to my brother and I.
My father… was in the field of Industrial Organizational Behavior and made tests. He lived to go fishing.
My mother… is a high school art teacher but rarely makes art now. She is becoming a master fermenter of foods.
High school… was awesome. I took a lot of art classes, had a great group of friends, and went camping often in the Uintah Mountains and in Southern Utah.
In junior high… I wanted to be on the basketball and volleyball teams but wasn’t quite good enough. I think that really helped my art.


I’ve always wondered… how M. Night Shyamalan’s movies could have gotten so bad.
I do not know… why there aren’t more political moderates.
I wish I knew… if I should buy GM or Ford stock.
Routine is… completely necessary for my happiness and mental well-being.
Everyday I like… to read some scriptures and work out. I wish I had a membership to the YMCA here, but it’s too expensive. We have a treadmill but no weights.
My work… represents a search for modern masculinity. Who should I be?
I choose to work in my medium because… it is immediate, intimate, and feels less intimidating than approaching a white canvas.
I currently live… in Fostoria Ohio. It is referred to as Fo-town or Fo-troit because it has been hit hard by unemployment in manufacturing. Fostoria used to be known for making glass. It’s very sad. But it has given my wife and I the opportunity to get some very cheap studio space.
I wish I could… live in NYC. 
My favorite… iPod game is Dungeon Raid.
I love… pizza, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, soda, and fries.
On a rainy day… I like to read a scary book. It’s been raining a lot lately so I have been reading “The Bog”. It has some great cover art.
Everybody loves… my wife’s art. It’s the prettiest art that exists today.
I am a big believer in… putting your all into something.
I couldn’t live without… my wife and baby.
A little known secret about me… is that I love to dance. I am not very good at it though so I only dance for my wife in secret places. It shrinks her libido.
I like to pretend… I am a relevant artist.
My parents… were very unselfish, and I hope I can do the same for my family.


Someday… I want to provide good health insurance for my family and buy a home.
The future… looks a little grim right now but that’s okay.
My next step is… to make another body of work, get someone to believe that it will make a good show, and land a full-time teaching position.

Artist Interview: Anna Paola Guerra

We featured the work of Anna Paola Guerra in our third issue because we absolutely love her simple, thoughtful take on the world.  We sent her some prompts (in bold) and she let us know a little about herself.

Current Living: Belo Horizonte, Brasil
Born:  Belo Horizonte, Brasil
Education: Graduation in Physics at UFMG – and part of graduation in Graphic Design at UEMG
Age: 42


I grew up… as a unique daughter until 12 years old in a small family, having pleasure to play alone creating imaginary personages, scenario, scenes and observing the world from my room - I invented stories.
As a child, I wanted to be when I grew up… a classical ballerina - I have studied for long years classical ballet and had a lot of pleasure to make the lessons in a wide room in front of a beautiful park with live piano music of Erik Satie, Chopin, etc.
My childhood was… magic in the house of my grandparents mixing the adventures in their garden/house, playing days full in the streets with the friends I had in their neighborhood and sharing my time with this “old sweet way” of my grandfather, grandmother and sister of grandmother that I didnt find anywhere else.
My father… was a very silent man, mysterious, simple.
My mother… with her I shared long nights in front of the TV seeing old classical movies. She presented me music, books, arts.
If I had known… we don’t know what we are not able to know at specific moment, the knowledge needs a body, to be incorporated in time.
I never saw myself… dealing with just concrete things without a possibility to express me around the imaginary and “invisible”.
Art was… something that attracted me and gave me pleasure in many diferent possible expressions of it.


My favorite pastime… is to go out with my camera without target - almost mute or just “communicating ” with “the things” around - and loosing the concrete time.
I do not know… my answer around “knowledge” is linked with “to incorporate” and the time necessary to make the body realize a knowledge. Deep knowledge is not just cerebral or made of concepts is something you need to be able to understand with the body.
Routine is… a pattern that makes the mind/vision limited and pale gray. But we are able to invent and transform some of our routines with creativity too. An excercise that ask us to be not lazy and provocate ourselves.
Everyday I like to… walk and meet different small ordinary surprising things in my way. Or minimum to be able and to have the predisposition to let the possibility for “the things” to appear and/or talk to me. This means to be able to look at the world around in a more open way trying to forget the common functions of the things.
I love… when “the things” catch me, talk to me, revel them to me …more ordinary and insignificant they are more they give me pleasure.
On a rainy day… sometimes it is fantastic to go under it and become completely wet.
A perfect day… is a day without a pre-target having the potential of an opening able to express it beautifully through small ordinary things and surprises.
We could all use a little more… humor (me first!).
I am a big believer in… the communicability with “the things” by a language not made of words.

A self portrait by Anna:

Artist Interview: Virginia Echeverria Whipple

We featured Virginia’s work in our very first issue, and we didn’t have space to show nearly enough of it. We are excited to be able to show a lot more of her awesome collage work in this interview.  We gave her some prompts in bold and she let us know a little more about herself.

Currently Living: Berlin, Germany
Born: Santiago, Chile
Education: BFA


I grew up… in front of a park


Right now I am living in an artist residency
My favorite pastime is walking, yoga, dancing.
Ive always wondered how can I be more logical
I do not know how to do it
I wish I knew everything about technology
Routine is far from my life
My work represents  conjunctions
Working makes me feel good
I choose to work in my medium because I like to touch things.
I feel at home when I can relax
I wish I could have more discipline
My favorite temperature is 18 degrees C
On a rainy day I like to be dry
A perfect day is a sensation
Everybody loves the beach, having a good time, trees, sex, air, sun, extra money.
We could all use  more compation
I am a big believer in  metaphysics
A little known secret about me I love music
Art is difficult and easy
Life is difficult and easy
Love is the answer
Home is where love is
My home is what I am looking for
You can argue but you will never win
I am full of questions
Kids are full of energie
My parents and I are in peace
My father is special
My mother is the best
If youre going to San Francisco
It is silly but I like it
I get bored when people talk to much


Someday I want I hope to have a home, close to nature
The future is part of the present
Id like to be better
My next step work, work, work.


Artist Interview: Jesse Draxler

Jesse Draxler’s work was featured in Issue Four of Fine Line Magazine. We sent him some prompts (in bold) and he let us know a little bit about himself. (Sidenote: We have an awesome print of Jesse’s work for sale HERE.)

Current Living: In transit
Born: Appleton, Wisconsin
Education: Studied at the Minneapolis College of Art And Design, acquired Bachelors of Fine Arts from CVA (College of Visual Arts) in St. Paul
Age: 29


I grew up… in a small town ironically named Freedom.
Growing up… I grew up.
My childhood… was a childhood.
My family… is small.
My father… builds fire trucks for a living.
High school was… school high.
Growing up, I always wanted… to be somewhere else.
I never saw… -ed a man in half.
College was… something to do.
Art was… art.


Right now I am… typing.
I’ve always wondered… “what’s it like”.
I do not know… a lot.
I wish I knew… more.
Routine is… circles.
Everyday I like to… shower.
My work represents… representation.
I feel at home… I don’t.
I currently live… in between two cities.
I wish I could… teleport.
My favorite… probably isn’t really my favorite.
On a rainy day… I fill out an interview.
Everybody loves… Raymond.
We could all use a little more… rationale.
I am a big believer in… logic.
I couldn’t live without… doing.
Life is… strange.
Love is… stranger.
You can argue… anything.
I am full of… blood and guts.


The future… is now…is…now…is…now.
My next step… is another step.

Two photos of Jesse’s studio:

Where are you from originally? Where so you live now? Does you nationality play a role in your work?

I am originally from a very small town in Wisconsin called Freedom. At this very moment I am typing this interview from Los Angeles. I have been in LA for 6 months, but will be returning to my real home, which is Minneapolis, MN, in two weeks.

I am sure everything that has made me into the person I am today plays a role in my work to some extent, but am I aware of it - no.

Do you think you’ll make art forever? Why is art important?

Forever is a funny word, but I don’t see myself ever quitting the creative process. I can’t find a likely reason to. To answer the final part of this question - I am not so sure art is that important to everyone, so I can only speak for myself, but personally creating is the only sure thing I know.


Artist Interview: Jaclyn Mednicov

Jaclyn Mednicov’s work was featured in Issue Four of Fine Line Magazine. We sent her some prompts (in bold) and she let us know a little bit about herself.

Living: I am currently living in Charleston, Illinois, because I am getting my M.A. in Studio Art at Eastern Illinois University.
Born: suburbs of Chicago
Education: B.F.A University of Kansas, Summer program at School of Visual Arts and study abroad at University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia
Age: 35


I grew up… in the suburbs of Chicago, went to college at the University of Kansas, moved to L.A. for two years, Brooklyn for 8 years, and most recently Chicago for 1 year.

My family… is pretty big, I have an older sister and two younger brothers.

If I had known… how much I would love being an artist and wasn’t so afraid of it, I would have started when I was younger than I did. My first art class wasn’t until my senior year in high school, I was even too shy to take a class at school so I took an after school class.

Growing up, I always wanted to be… a therapist or a makeup artist, I ended up being a makeup artist while also being a painter. Oddly enough, being a makeup artist is sort of like being a therapist.

I never saw myself… in Charleston, Illinois getting my M.A., but it is has been great for my work so far.

Art was… not a part of my life, except school projects, until my last year in high school.


Right now I am… wondering when I will finish this painting I am working on.
Ive always wondered… what the future will be.
I do not know… what the future will be.
I wish I knew… what the future will be!
Routine is… drinking coffee every morning.
Everyday I like to… create something.
My work represents… impermanence.
I choose to work in my medium because… I like the fluidity of paint.
I wish I could…  get to travel more in my lifetime.
My favorite thing… to do other than make art is baking.
I love… to cook.
On a rainy day… I like to stay inside and watch a horror film.
I am a big believer in… everything happens for a reason even if we can’t see it at the time.
I couldnt live without… coffee and making art.
Art is… what can keep me sane.
Life is… up and down.
My home… is not permanent at the moment, which is becoming a theme in my art.
You can argue… not well.
I never… get bored.


Someday I hope… to have a home that I am happy to call home.
The future… feels scary since I don’t know what is next.
My next step… is to keep developing my work and growing as an artist.

Jaclyn in her studio

Do you have a day-job or do you make your living as an artist?

Before I came to Eastern Illinois University I was working as a makeup artist. I would like to continue with working as a freelance makeup artist while making my art. Eventually I would love to own a studio space for artists.  Right now I am in the process of applying to several MFA programs.  I would really like to be an art educator at a university at some point, which is mostly why I want to go on to get my MFA.

 Why do you make art? Do you think youll make art forever? Why is art important?

I make art because if I don’t I feel as though something is off balance in my life. I hope to make art forever. I think art is important because everyone needs a way of expressing themselves, whether it is for the individual or for an audience. Art is a visual way for me to communicate.

Some ofJaclyn’s newest work:

Artist Interview: A. Bill Miller

The great thing about working with artists is asking for something traditional like an interview and getting something like this instead:

Look closely and you will see the answers to some of our questions. A. Bill Miller is an artist that works with a variety of media, including abstract ASCII drawings, ink drawings, animated GIFS and video elements. He is currently the Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at Penn State Altoona.  He received his MFA & MA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 

When we featured Miller’s work in Issue Two of our magazine, it looked like this:


Not all of his work stands still. You can see Miller’s work in all its animated glory on his website:

This is A. Bill Miller.

Artist Interview: Melissa Manfull

Melissa Manfull’s work was featured in Issue Two of Fine Line Magazine. We sent her some prompts (in bold) and she let us know a little bit about herself.

Current Living: Los Angeles, CA
Born: Huntington Beach, CA
Education: MFA Concordia University Montreal, Quebec. 
BFA California State University, Long Beach.
Age: 36

Melissa collecting rocks in Death Valley


I always loved… architecture and order.
I grew up… inside of a fantasy world.
As a child, I wanted to be… inside of a fantasy novel.
Growing up… I always wanted to be an adventurer


Right now… I am working on a series inspired by spiritual architecture.
My favorite pastime… is drawing & hiking.
I’ve always wondered… what the inner structure of the universe looks like?
Routine is… comforting.
Everyday I like to… draw, hike, socialize and read.
My work represents… a compulsive desire to impose order and grids on the chaos of life.
I choose to work in my medium because… it is the most immediate. I get the best results from ink.
I feel at home… in the forest.
I currently live in Silverlake.
I wish I could visit Japan, it’s been a life long dream.
My favorite colors are prussian blue and burnt sienna.
I love books and stories.
On a rainy day I draw.
A perfect day consists of being in the mountains and drawing.
We could all use a little more introspection.
I am a big believer in personal responsibility and discipline.
I couldn’t live without my rapidograph pens.
Art is enthralling.
I like to pretend that life makes sense.


Someday I want to live in a chalet in the mountains.
I’d like to be more productive.
My next step is to make a really large room sized drawing.

Melissa’s Studio

On location:

Where are you from originally? Where do you live now? Does your nationality play a role in your work? 

I’m originally from the burbs of Los Angeles, & I live in Los Angeles currently. Nationality doesn’t play a role specifically but I do think Los Angeles & southwest has had a huge impact on how I view the landscape and architecture of the periphery. I also spend a lot of time in the Southern California desert whose homestead architecture has influenced my work.

On working:

Do you have a day-job?  Do you intend to keep working, or do you foresee yourself working a day-job again in the future? 

I work part-time as an art educator. I enjoy teaching especially in a program where I take 4th graders hiking in the canyons and teach them about art and the environment. I foresee working intermittently as an educator but I do like to take time off to work on my drawings.

On art:

Why do you make art?

Making art is a compulsive act.  I draw to visually understand the world.

Do you think you’ll make art forever?

I will definitely draw forever.

Why is art important?

I think art is important on different levels. I think art is important to make because it allows for people to visually explore an idea. I think art is an important medium that allows an internal idea to manifest in an external visual form. Although art is judged by literary criteria, I believe visual art is a very separate, nuanced language in its own right that can express our existence very differently than words.