Artist Interview: Buddy Wakefield

We featured the writing of Buddy Wakefield in our first issue, and we only wish we had been able to feature more.  Buddy has been a great supporter of Fine Line and is enthusiastic about art, writing and life.  We gave him some prompts (in bold), and he told us a bit about himself.

Current Living: Kingston, WA
Born: Shreveport, LA
Age: 37

Issue One spread featuring Buddy’s words:


I always loved… Goldie Hawn.
I grew up… twisting paper clips into roller coasters trying to fall asleep.
As a child I always wanted… to make snow ice cream.
As a child, I wanted to be… away.
My childhood was… snowed in.
My family was… snowed in.
My parents were… snowed in.
My father… was in Texas.
My mother… was in New York.
High school was… in California, at first.
If I had known… how much I respect retaining useful information, I would have done so.
Growing up, I always wanted to be… safe.
I never saw myself… as off-camera.
College was… a hard holy cow.
Art was… an excuse.


Right now… I want to curtail my talking.
My favorite pastime is… tetherball.
I’ve always wondered… how much my heroes were telling the truth.
I do not know… how to weld.
I wish I knew… how to properly go reactionless.
Routine is… quite welcome.
Everyday I like… to show up.
My work represents… the tail end of equanimity.
Working… on practice.
I choose to work in my medium because… it’s true of heart.
I feel at home… chopping wood.
I currently live… with two hens named AC and DC. They have an album called “Black and Fat (I Need a Snack).” They are very old. They have kankles. There are other hens, and a rooster, and a cat named Roger, and a bear who visits to get drunk off fermented plums that fall from our tree.
I wish I could… go through New England in the fall on a go-kart.
My “favorite” is… not speaking in superlatives.
I love… toast.
On a rainy day… Supertramp crosses my mind at least once.
A perfect day… starts with a kiss.
Everybody loves… Bill Murray and marbles.
We could all use a little more… blackberry cobbler, with grilled peaches.
I am a big believer in… Vipassana and cereal.
I couldn’t live without… air.
Art is… openly human.
Life is… better ridden than played.
Love is… not passion.
Home is… in the woods.
You can argue that… there were two other paths Dorothy and the Scarecrow coulda taken.
I like to pretend… I’m an albino monkey making bass in a jug with his tongue.
I am full of… readiness.
Kids are… ready.
My parents are… ready for spring.
My father is… dead.
My mother is… talking.
If you’re going to… hold me accountable, hold me close.
It is silly to pretend… we aren’t both happening at the same time. We are both watching this.


Someday I hope to… finish a screenplay for Norman Lear.
The future… already happened.
I’d like to be… proficient in take-downs and submissions.
My next step is… lunch.

This is Buddy:

Do you have a day job? Do you intend to keep working, or do you foresee yourself working a day job again in the future?

- In May I bought a landscaping company with my wingman, Stephen. We like it, and Stephen does most of the work.
- I intend to continue writing and performing and learning and working, sometimes from more than one angle.

Why do you make art? Do you think you’ll make art forever? Why is art important?

- I first made art to get some things out of my body. Then I made it for the approval I overlooked growing up.
Then I made it to accept myself.
Then I made it because folks were reporting a healing that was happenin’.
- Yes.
- Does it lead to equanimity?

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